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Design Dental Group: Cosmetic Dental Services

Your smile says a lot about you, and Design Dental Group in Houston, Texas, wants to give you a reason to grin. Under the direction of Melanie T. Bibb, DDS, Design Dental Group provides its patients with an array of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental services that produce beautiful, healthy smiles.

Dr. Bibb uses the latest techniques available for cosmetic dentistry. Some of the services she offers at Design Dental Group follow.

1. Cosmetic Whitening: The enamel of your teeth is porous and holds on to stains, which are attracted by a thin, sticky coating of plaque that forms on the teeth throughout the day. Lifestyle and dietary choices, including drinking coffee, soda, and wine, as well as smoking, may also lead to yellowing of the teeth. Yellowing, stained teeth can create an aged appearance, but many people are great candidates for cosmetic whitening. Patients can get results in a single treatment. Cavities must be treated before whitening because the product used may increase decay and cause sensitivity.

2. Tooth Colored Fillings: No one wants to open his or her mouth to display a bunch of gold and silver. Fortunately, dental technology has advanced significantly in the past few decades, and Dr. Bibb can replace metal fillings with natural looking composites. Dental composites are made of synthetic resins that bond to teeth and are nearly as strong as natural teeth. These composites are also advantageous structurally because they are less likely to leak than metal fillings, and they prevent tooth cracking.

3. Veneers and Lumineers: Application of dental veneers can whiten and straighten a smile, as well as fill in any gaps between teeth. Lumineers are especially thin and can be applied without any grinding or shaving of underlying teeth. Both products are bonded to your teeth using a resin and curing light.


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